API’s | Biometry and Digital ID

Independent software packages that perform a specific functionality. Veridas’ API’s can be used individually or combined together to solve our customers’ needs.


SDK’s | Mobile and HTML

Veridas’ SDK’s can be used to create customized Mobile applications (APP) for a certain platform and to enable the use of HTML environments through any browser to obtain the same features obtainable using an APP.


Complete Solutions

Complete software solutions that play as coordinators of one or several API’s that together constitute an entire solution.


In Production

Veridas’ products are used daily in different sectors (Bank and Insurance entities, Hotels, Transport…) to avoid the identity fraud in digital transactions


One stop shop

Veridas offers different solutions: Face Biometry, Voice Biometry and Forensic verification of any document.


In cloud

All the products that Veridas offers are hosted in the cloud


Build your solution

Veridas offers flexible solutions. Take them or create your own one


World class Algorithms

Veridas’ Algorithms are ranked within the best by third entities



Veridas has its own database and back-office service to store locally, at customer premises, the different data obtained during the on boarding process. The database and back-office service is provided in a docker instance. This back office is called boi-Das.