Thermal Screening

Due to high global risk of spreading Coronavirus, das-Nano has reached a preference distribution agreement with MEDICAS (EU product).

The main advantages of the system are:

  • Highest resolution compared to other thermal cameras (640×512 px)
  • Black-box to auto-calibrate the thermal camera each 5 seconds
  • No PC needed
  • Stand alone mode or integrated into the access control system.


  • Made in the EU
  • NO additional PC needed, all processing on board
  • Privacy: no temperature values are associated with any identity and no images or records of any kind are stored. The camera will operate without connection to das-Gate terminals, any PC or data network.
  • Resolution: almost 7 times more resolution than other Chinese alternatives on the market, so the reading is reliable and accurate.
  • Accuracy: the system has high sensitivity and calibrates automatically every 5s based on the continuous reading of the reference thermal box (it must be in the field of vision).
  • Discretion: the system does not generate visual/sound alerts or trigger actions on its own. There should always be a security person reviewing the thermal images displayed on the monitor, in real time, to decide whether any action is needed or not.
  • User-friendly: Images are displayed in real time on a monitor that must be connected by HDMI cable. Operator training can be completed in 1 hour.
  • Easy installation and flexibility: no software installation is required as the camera is not connected to any other equipment or data network. After positioning the camera and the reference thermal box, the adjustment and configuration of the system is completed in a few minutes. The evaluation of where to locate each component and whether it is convenient to adjust the flow of people must be made based on the specific characteristics of the entrance/place of passage to be controlled.


  • Camera with high-precision thermal sensor
    and RGB sensor for easy analysis
  • Thermal reference box (black body) to achieve
    the precision of 0.3ºC required in this application.
  • 24″ monitor to display thermal and visible
    images in real time. Keyboard for making
    small adjustments to the display of images
    on screen, applying software updates, etc.


  • No data storage
  • Full compliance with GDPR
  • Improved Security
  • Ultra-fast access
  • Double Factor Authentication
  • Compatible with existing infrastructure


  • Corporate
  • Transport
  • Events
  • Hospitality
  • Health
  • Gaming

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